RIDFEAR® is a personal coaching programme.

It’s proven design helps people work out for themselves who they really are, what they realistically want from life and work and then how they can achieve that.

We believe the approach is revolutionary. It’s not all about involving other people in helping make your decisions, it’s about learning a new way of questioning, thinking, understanding and finding results that are all yours.

If you are looking to find a lifelong, cost-effective ‘toolkit’ that will put you back in control and help you get what you want out of life, then you’ve come to the right place. After all – who should be the real expert on your life?

In the past, RIDFEAR® has helped participants:

  • identify their own real needs, wants and desires in life
  • achieve a better quality of life and work life balance
  • find suitable alternative careers and achieve employment in them
  • significantly improve their own and their organisation’s performance
  • become more accepting and supportive of change through greater personal awareness and control
  • reduce stress and anxiety and improve personal performance
  • accept enforced career changes and find new enthusiasm and commitment
  • believe in themselves, relying on strengths and abilities to help make important career / personal decisions
  • develop a greater personal understanding and ability to appreciate wider issues beyond personal perspectives
  • resolve conflicts between personal and organisational roles and goals
  • minimise inter-personal conflicts
  • realise they want to start and run their own business and then identify what that could be
  • discover a realistic approach to finding the key area of life to develop and how to do it

Designed as a self-coaching concept delivered in a small group setting – the approach overcomes the high cost, time commitment and often dependence on having your own coach.

It is currently delivered to open-access groups in West Yorkshire and corporate clients around the UK and has helped countless individuals come to terms with change in their lives, take control and ‘begin to live the life they want’.